Wellbeing check-in

Life can be demanding and we can't always check in with our loved ones as often as we want to - whether it be working away, going on holiday, being unwell or having a range of competing demands.

CareAssist can help with a friendly and relaxed check-in to say 'hello and how are you?' to your loved ones.

Whether it be in the home or at an aged care facility, we can drop-in and assess the wellbeing of you or your loved one as regularly as you need.

Our service is perfect for families who work FIFO, live long-distance or don't have the capacity to visit.

We will check-in to see that your loved one is healthy, happy, safe and comfortable.  If the current situation is not working, we can work with you to determine the next steps to help make improvements. 


Step 1.  Phone consultation

A 15-minute informal, obligation-free conversation to help you determine if CareAssist is right for you and your family.

Cost of initial aged care phone consultation is free

Step 2. Assessment

A meeting of up to 2 hours is held either face-to-face or via telephone/Skype to:

  • Assess your needs
  • Answer your initial questions
  • Help determine how we can best work with you.

Step 3.  Wellbeing check-in's with your loved one

We will visit you or your loved one in home, hospital or an aged care facility, so that you can put your mind to rest and know that they are healthy, happy and comfortable.  



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