Self-Care Matters

Self-Care Matters

Palliative Care Australia, the peak body for palliative care organisations across Australia, has launched a free resource ‘Self-care Matters’.  The aim of the resource is to provide support – whatever your role is in palliative care – to prevent burnout and build resilience.

Self-care is critical in ensuring we all remain healthy, happy and able to continue to do what we need to do.  Self-care is even more important when we’re faced with suffering or providing compassionate care for those who are faced with the reality of dying. 

Palliative Care Australia have engaged both clinical and non-clinical experts from around Australia, to learn from their experiences and insights.  Highlighted is the importance of discussing self-care, planning for it and actively practicing self-care.

Effective self-care strategies are vital to coping with stress and building resilience.

To learn more – https://palliativecare.org.au/resources/self-care-matters/launch


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