Royal Commission into Aged Care – Perth Hearing

The Royal Commission will hold a public hearing in Perth from Monday 24 June 2019 to Friday 28 June 2019. The Royal Commission will inquire into:

  • how aged-care services can be provided in a way which is person-centred, including care which values the identity, experience and autonomy of the person accessing care and promotes choice and control
  • the factors that influence whether aged care services are delivered in a person-centred manner, including:
    • the relationships between the person accessing care, people providing support (including family and other members of the community) and the service provider
    • broader societal attitudes towards older people
  • the perspective and experience of people who access aged care, including the ways in which aged care services are, or are not, person-centred
  • good practice care models for providing person-centred aged care
  • the role of advance care planning to support the provision of quality aged care services
  • the extent to which people accessing aged care services are able to access palliative care
  • the quality of palliative care services available to people accessing aged care services

    Source: https://agedcare.royalcommission.gov.au/hearings/Pages/hearings/2019/perth-hearing.aspx