Man living in a retirement village, reading the newspaper

Retirement Villages

There are a range of retirement villages in Western Australia.  Selecting a new home for yourself or a loved one can be a stressful task.

CareAssist is here to help you find the right home to match your care needs, budget, location and lifestyle.

The process and costs are outlined below:

Step 1.  Phone Consultation

A 15 minute informal, obligation-free phone call to help you determine if CareAssist is right for you.

Cost of initial aged care phone consultation is free

Step 2.  Your next home

We help to remove the stress and complexity from the process by:

  • Identifying retirement villages that match with your individuals requirements (such as location, budget and care needs)
  • Conducting regular vacancy checks with providers, to make sure you're on the top of their mind and top of their waiting list
  • Organising tours of facilities
  • Providing advocacy, counselling, information and support.

Independent Social Workers with over 20 years of experience