Publication of Serious Risk Decisions

Publication of Serious Risk Decisions

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (‘the Commission’) assesses if service providers are delivering services in compliance with the recently released Aged Care Quality Standards (Quality Standards).  The following services are monitored:

  • Residential services
  • Home services
  • National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care Program services.

When the Commission undertakes an assessment of a provider, a decision is made as to whether the provider has complied with the Quality Standards.  If the provider has failed its compliance and has placed, or may place, the safety, health or wellbeing of an aged consumer at serious risk, the Commission will:

  • Notify the provider of their failure to comply
  • Clearly outline the area of serious risk
  • Provide a timetable to address the area of serious risk and return to compliance
  • The Department of Health is notified and the Commission now publishes all serious risk decisions relating to non-compliance 

Serious risk decisions made during each month are published in a register at the end of that month and include: 

  • the name and Commission identifier of the service;
  • the name of the provider of the service;
  • the date the serious risk decision was made; and
  • the specific Quality Standard(s) in which serious risk was found.

You can find the serious risk decisions at –

Residential Services serious risk decisions 
Home Services serious risk decisions