Residential Aged Care

Making the transition into a residential aged care facility (nursing home) can be daunting.  There are thousands of aged care facilities throughout the country, providing varying levels of care.

We help individuals and families to not only find the right level of care, but a place that feels like home.

We compile a shortlist of facilities that meet your care needs, budget, location and lifestyle.  From there, we visit each facility to examine their conditions, hygiene, meals, care staff and safety record.

As Clinical Social Workers specialising in aged care, we understand how the system works, the questions to ask and what to look for to ensure the highest quality care possible.

When we move house, we use the specialist services of Real Estate Agents to guide us through the process.  Similarly, Aged Care Consultants provide professional insight and experience to help ease this critical transition in life.

Aged care consultants image

Step 1.  Phone Consultation

A 15 minute informal, obligation-free phone call to help you determine if CareAssist is right for you.

Cost of initial aged care phone consultation is free

Step 2.  Your next home

We help individuals and families to not only find the right care, but the right home.

We help to remove the stress and complexity from the process by:

  • Identifying aged care facilities that match with your individuals requirements (such as location, budget and care needs)
  • Conduct searches to check if your desired facilities have complied with relevant legislation and standards; or if they have received notification of non-compliance or sanctions for breaching standards
  • Helping to organise and facilitate the ACAT assessment
  • Helping to organise and facilitate the DHS Income and Assets assessment
  • Conducting regular vacancy checks with providers, to make sure you're on the top of their mind and top of their waiting list
  • Organising tours of facilities
  • Working alongside your desired care providers to help make the transition into care 
  • Providing advocacy, counselling, information and support.


Independent Social Workers with over 20 years of experience