Sarah Newbold's Mum and Grandmother; women living with dementia in aged care and the inspiration for starting Care Assist
A picture saying 'I love you'; because that's what CareAssist is all about; providing love for our friends and family in aged car
Sarah Newbold - Social Worker and Aged Care Consultant
Sarah Newbold's Mum; a woman living with dementia in aged care and the inspiration for starting Care Assist

The CareAssist Story

CareAssist was started by Sarah Newbold to help individuals and families find the best care possible.

Sarah has a unique understanding of aged care, with extensive personal and professional experience navigating this often-complex and stressful system.

Sarah is a Senior Social Worker with over 20 years of professional experience in trauma, disability and aged care.

Personal experience

Dementia has had a big impact on Sarah's family, with both of her (late) Grandmothers and her Mother being diagnosed with with this aggressive and debilitating cognitive condition.  Sarah facilitated the care journey for her family members; from the initial stages of in-home care to placements in appropriate residential aged care facilities.

Sarah has a personal and professional understanding of the deep stress that can be associated with finding the right care.

The mission of CareAssist is to enable everyone in our community to live lives that are safe, healthy and happy.

Combining professional expertise with a very personal understanding, allows Sarah to provide a service based on genuine understanding, empathy and support.


Sarah has over twenty years of experience, alongside the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)                 University of Western Australia
  • Master of Business Administration                  University of Western Australia